Former Liverpool and Blackpool player Charlie Adam has made the stunning claim on BBC Radio 5 that Manchester United should throw their attention at getting Harry Kane instead of Jadon Sancho.

“I’d rather they went and spent £120m on Harry Kane and you could have Martial out wide, you have Greenwood out wide, you have Rashford out wide and have Harry Kane as your main man.”

The Scotsman went onto say that Martial, Rashford and Greenwood could all play backup to Kane.

“The other three can play as a No 9 as a backup as well.”

What do you think Devils? Would Harry Kane be a good option for Manchester United?

Let’s consider the fact the player has just turned 27, so is now into his prime years as a striker. His Premier League record is second to none, however injuries have certainly hampered the player from hitting the heights of his earlier years at White Hart Lane.

The question is, why would Manchester United sign Kane at the risk of upsetting the other 3 young strikers in the side?

Then again, Ed Woodward might see Harry as a marquee ‘Galactico’ signing.

Interesting, but a non-starter.

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